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CSCUv2 e-Courseware inclusive Exam Voucher


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The CSCU training program aims at equipping the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets. The program is designed to interactively teach the students about the whole gamut of information security threats they face ranging from identity theft and credit card fraud to their physical safety. The skills acquired during the course of this program will not only help the students to identify these threats but also to mitigate them effectively. For more details, please visit http://www.eccouncil.org/Certification/certified-secure-computer-user

This product consists of:
Digital Courseware and Self Study Videos
1 Exam Voucher

* Exam voucher validity:12 months.
Mode of exam delivery: Online exam is remotely proctored.
Requirements: Good internet connectivity along with webcam.
Scheduling period: Minimum 3 working days prior to the test.
Instructional guide will be sent along with the exam voucher.

 Note: Should you require the exam voucher validity to be extended, kindly contact [email protected] before the voucher expires. Only valid vouchers can be extended.

Please visit the voucher extension policy prior to purchase https://cert.eccouncil.org/exam-voucher-extension-policy.html