Writing Virus Codes




[break/][break/][break/] This module throws light on various concepts essential for writing virus codes. It helps the learner in understanding malicious activities of a computer virus and it’s after effects on a system in case of a cyber attack. The module mainly focuses on various tips, techniques and methods in virus writing that help a penetration tester to test the vulnerability of an application that helps in understanding how entire system, files and other programs are affected due to a virus attack.

This module describes fundamentals of a virus attack and its symptoms, basics in writing viruses, tools and techniques. It explains a step by step process of virus infection, details about writing a virus replicator, concealer, bomb/payload and components of a virus. This module also familiarizes the learner in various computer virus attack mechanisms such as trigger mechanism, dispatcher, brute force logic bombs and virus algorithm features.

$9.00 – $9.00 Tax Incl.