Securing Windows Phone 7




[break/][break/][break/] Smart phones have become a basic necessity for today’s mobile workforce. Smart phones are equipped with more powerful and rich features when compared to the desktops. Microsoft, the pioneers of computer era are now into smart phone development. Windows phone, (successor to Windows mobile) was launched in various countries in the second half of 2010 and in Asia early 2011. Windows phone poses a great threat to Android and iPhone devices. The applications for windows phone can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official marketplace –

With the increase in usage, the security threats to the device also increases. The attackers are using the most sophisticated techniques to gain full access over the phone to get user’s personal data and money. In addition to this, malware writers post malware that looks like legitimate application but cause severe damage to the device.

Securing Windows Phone 7 course will help you to understand the existing threats of Windows phone and the best practices that need to be employed in an efficient way. This course provides the students with sufficient knowledge about Windows phone operating system and its architecture. It also focuses on the most powerful vulnerabilities posed towards the system and the security measures that are to be practiced to secure the device. The students are also provided with a list of security tools that are used to protect their window’s phone.

The entire course helps the students to understand the security threats and the ways of securing the windows phone completely. The course provide all the training that is needed for the people who are interested in windows phone security such as security engineers, security officers as well as vulnerability assessment professionals.

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