Securing IIS Servers




[break/][break/][break/] With the increase in the usage of internet, there is an enormous growth in the websites. People have started using internet for their day to day life. All sort of communications, transactions, entertainment, shopping, etc. are made through internet. Web servers play a major role in internet. Web sites that are developed by the developers are deployed in these web servers and it is through these servers, we get the opportunity to view the web sites.

Web servers are otherwise known as computers that deliver web pages. There are many vendors who provide web server software applications. Microsoft is one among those vendors who provide Internet Information Server (IIS). With the latest release of IIS 7.5, Microsoft has implemented many advanced features that give a lot ease to the users.

As the usage increases, security threat to the web server also increases. The attackers use the advanced techniques to gain complete control over the web servers to extract user’s personal data along with monetary benefits. In addition to this, malware writers post malware that crashes the web servers.

Securing IIS servers course helps you to understand the existing threats that are already existing, and the best practices that needs to be implemented in an efficient way to secure information. This course provides the students with sufficient knowledge about IIS Servers, their features and the architecture. It recommends the best practices that can be implemented to secure the server from various vulnerabilities. It also provides a list of security tools that are used to protect the IIS web server.

This course provides the necessary training that is required to the people who are interested in IIS server security such as security engineers, security officers as well as vulnerability assessment professionals.

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